In an increasingly pressured and risk sensitive environment, our experience of advising the owners of amateur sports clubs includes constitutional, restructuring, and governance advice on the appropriate unincorporated or incorporated legal structure for a business. Running in parallel to this we assist with CASC and charitable status and funding advisory support.

  • Case Study: Tennis and Padel Tennis

Acting for the trustees of an LTA affiliated tennis club on a funding proposal and advising on all applicable funding documentation and governance queries to enable the building of padel tennis facilities on site.

Victoria Beaumont, Sphynx Tennis Club

"O’Connors supported our club during a review of a UK operator venue agreement for one of the fastest growing sports globally, Padel tennis. The review of the contract was tailored to boost our club's commercial prospects while effectively managing risks linked to the shift from being solely a tennis facility. O’Connors legal support extended to advising us on short and long-term funding strategies and a review of our governance documentation which was crucial in setting the stage for potential growth."

  • Case Study: Rugby 

Advising an unincorporated rugby club on incorporation and becoming a company limited by guarantee and a community interest company with the ability to generate profit and manage risk. The advice also considered the club’s suite of insurances and advising the operating committee on potential liability.

Frank Duff, Honorary Secretary, New Brighton RUFC 

"The assistance and guidance we've received from O'Connors has been invaluable for our club. Their expertise has played a pivotal role in helping us navigate through various complexities, from thoroughly reviewing diverse commercial contracts, insurance, and licensing arrangements to offering robust governance advice tailored to our unincorporated association status. Their exceptional support in addressing regulatory concerns related to disciplinary matters has been a standout aspect of their services. The team at O'Connors has consistently demonstrated an impressive level of receptiveness, and their profound understanding of the sports sector shines through in their work."

For further information Phil Bowers, David Malone or Josh Bates.